Sunday, May 6, 2012

Introduction - Sowing the Seeds

'Like whoa, dude. No one ever told me there was going to be so much sand. Like dude, this sand. Just whoa dude, sand.'

Are you done yet?

'And I mean like, the sky. Have you ever just like, looked at the sky and like, been like. Sky dude, sky. So much freakin' sky. All so freakin' blue.'


'The sky man, the sky.'

While our boy gets all that acidy hippie crap out of his veins, why not a little backstory crap of our own? Because everyone loves a flashback, right?

Fabian Hex started out life as Fabian Simbrain, a 3rd-generation kid in an unpublished legacy of mine. He was one of twelve siblings, nine of which lived in the same household. He was the son of two of the cutest Sims I've ever played, and my second choice for heir.

His parents were my very own Simself's daughter. (Yes, by Hank Goddard. So sue me.)

And her wife, Charlotte - who Fabian gets most of his features from.

His sister, Isabella got heirship for my unofficial legacy, but I always thought the next time I did a legacy, I'd use Fabian. So naturally, when I got that *urge* to make a new legacy, (don't tell me you don't get that urge), I jumped at the chance, even if it does make him my 3rd male legacy founder in a row.

So this time, it's a Rainbowcy, heh? None of that genetic crap you usually do?

No. I'm tired of marrying ugly Sims. Though honestly, it's probably a lot worse for my Sims. 

On that note, no, I am not giving up on my other legacy! I still enjoy playing it just fine. It just seems like there always seems to be stuff stopping me from making progress on it in the last few weeks. There was supposed to be an update today, but my Dad closed the lid on my laptop while the game screen was up, and since my laptop automatically assumes nighty night position on everything when you close it, I lost all my progress. You're probably familiar with that as well.

/enough of this shit

Oh wait, I didn't outline the whole colour/generational thing, did I?

Starter Gen: Neutral
1: Red
2: Orange
3: Yellow
4: Green
5: Turqouise
6: Blue
7: Purple
9: Pink
10: TECHINICOLOUR (A.K.A., full spectrum)

These are all based off some of the available hex codes for favourite colours, but I'll probably only use the hex codes to highlight hair. An entire house would probably make me cry.

Oh, you're getting a job. That's a better start.

'Dude, I can't believe you're making me do this. The corporations man, the corporations.'

Fabian is getting a job in the Science career, because he is an outdoors-loving Green Thumb, which will make it easier to gain the skills necessary for Creature-Robot Crossbreeder, (which isn't very in line with hippie ethics, but screw that). It's also the reason for his flower child demeanour. I just like themed Sims, is all.

We're in Lunar Lakes, in case you hadn't guessed. Everything is pretty freaking cool. The trees give me a Dr. Suess-esque vibe.

Next order of duty - wait, what?

'Whoaa babe - I mean, I appreciate you taking me right where I want to go, but just chill man, chill.'
'Um, I don't know. I'm not like, totally cool with this.'

'Well, you know what? Fuck him, and fuck his precious porch. Inbred bastard.'

'Man, better go tell the guy that his crazy ex' just been round, because there is no way my insurance - OH CRAP.'

'Hi, I'm like just here to let you know that like, you're going to have to pay for the amputation of both my legs, because dude, your friend's psychotic ex just like, bludgeoned me with her car.'

'Heh, oh, that must really suck. Nice meeting you, I'm Anais. You are?'

'The dude, who's like, gonna sew the seeds of  love in your heart, babe.'

 'Oh, you wanna do gardening euphemisms. 'Cause I can totally dig that.'

'But you know, at the end of the day, it's all about one thing.'

 'How much you got, big boy? My ex, man. He just had squashes up to here.'

 'Oh man, dude. I'm not like, advocating competition or anything, 'cause that's just like, not chill, but-'

'My roots got him beet out any day.'

That's a lie, Fabian. You don't even have one point in gardening.

'Shush! Do you want me to like, nab the lady or what?'

 'You're kinda cute Fabian. Just the goofy way you talk.'
'That's cool, babe. 'Cause I like, think you're pretty cute too. We should totally like, hang sometime.'

That's all very well and good but KISS THAT GIRL, DAMMIT.


'What. The. Fuck?'

'Dude, aaawkward.'

'Can I not turn my back on you for a minute, without you jumping on some other guy's dick?'
'Wow, chill Stefan. We're not even going out.'

It's true. I checked the relationship panel, they're just bed buddies. o_o

'I guess you were really just a goddamn skank all along, huh? Couldn't even just be my skank.'
'I didn't know you felt so strongly. Jeez, man.'

'Nuh! I don't wanna hear from you, so shut your dirty mouth!'
'Wow, overreacting or what?'

 It's true. When I had Gwayne split up from her husband of probably several decades, all he did was stand around and cry like a pansy. Stefan had his friend-with-benefits hit on, and totally retaliated like a boss.

'Don't worry babe, I don't think you're a skank. You're just like, a free spirit, man.'
*gratuitous make-out noises*

'Don't you think you can EVER do that in this house anymore!'

'Cause this isn't your house anymore, biotch!'


'Bitches gotta be told. You too, hippie freak. Get outta' my house.'
'Dude, that was totally not gay. Not gay at all.'

'You okay, babe? Man didn't hit you too hard? 'Cause like, violence isn't okay, man. Not even cartoon violence, man.'

'Yeah, I'm good. There's just have another problem now. Stefan's pretty much kicked me out, I don't have anywhere to go.'

'Dude, that's great. 'Cause like, we could totally live together. I've got a double bed. What do you say to like, roomies, man?'

'Yeah, hey. Why not.'

'Dude, can I just like, do something before we go, though?'





'Oh.. it ain't the probes.'

'Oh God, I can't believe I just believed I just yelled about my fear of being probed by aliens to Anais' stupid hippie boyfriend.'

'Non-violent tactics, dude.'



Keep picking, buster. That skill bar ain't gonna fill itself, and I'm not paying for produce, when there's perfectly good stuff growing right here in the park/dome thing.

The locals apparently thought he was the prophet or something, because they all gathered around to watch him steal public produce. Either that or they were uselessly expressing their disgust at the depravity of such a crime. Maybe it's just some kind of creepy ritual for newcomers.

He then returns to plant them by the moon, because he's that fucking spiritual or whatever.

We then end a long, useless, starter chapter with a picture of the pretty sunrise over Lunar Lakes. Should I put an irrelevant inspirational message over this, or what?


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  1. Your founder is super cute! The trees remind me of Dr.Suess too! =3 Anais is adorable. One of my favorite Maxis mades! Yay for 12 gazillion little hippies!